Bob Boiko


Bob Boiko is a Senior Lecturer for the University of Washingtom Information School. He teaches courses on information architecture, information management, system design, organizational strategy and organizational leadership. Bob is the founder of LearnTogether, startup company that creates peer2peer, social learning systems for professionals. He is also president of Metatorial Services, a micro-consultancy specializing in content and information management strategy and design. With a range of commercial, governmental and non-profit clients of every size, Bob has worked on just about every aspect of information management. Recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of content management, he has over 20 years of experience designing and building systems and tools for some of the world’s top technology corporations (including Microsoft, Motorola and Boeing). Bob has sat on many advisory boards and is the recipient of many awards, including the EContent 100 Award for leadership in the content management industry. He is author of two editions of “The Content Management Bible,” the book “Laughing at the CIO: Leading Information Management in the Information Age,” the book “Information Systems from the Inside Out,” and the science fiction novel “The Last Chameleon.”  Bob has released three major learning systems that have been used by thousands of students. Bob is internationally known for his lectures and workshops.

Onderwerp Breakoutsessie:

Playing nice: How to be part of wider standards without selling your soul


Everyone wants to cooperate with everyone. But no one wants to do a lot of extra work and no one wants to sacrifice quality just to obey standards.

In this session we will discuss some strategies your team can use to play nice, but play smart. We will talk about when to cooperate and when to resist, how and why to influence standards, and ways to create standards that properly balance openness and conformity. Bring your questions, hopes and fears about content, format and governance standards and we will help you work through them.

Onderwerp Keynote II:

Disrupting Education and your Sites


Education has come to mean school. School is classes, teachers, homework and exams. Learning management systems simply reproduce the old ideas of school online. But with the convergence of mobile, social media, big data and advanced learning techniques like gamification, flipping, scaffolding and automated evaluation, education is on the verge of the disruption that has occurred in every other information industry.

In this talk, I will deconstruct professional education to see what is essential and what is just historical. I will introduce you to the factors that are disrupting learning and show you how professional training will change. More importantly, I’ll show you how you can use these same techniques to assure that your sites and apps avoid this disruption and continue to serve your users.